Pixel Stories Photography: The Brand

As I have promised in my introductory blog entry, a rundown of my particular brand of photography is in order. I am fully aware that there are a dime a dozen shops offering the exact same services as I do.  Hence, the challenge presents itself to discover and present  a distinct visual flavor that will make PSP stand above the rest.

 First, I encourage everyone to browse the photos posted on Facebook to give you an idea of my style and technique. Having seen my work, allow me to give you a brief understanding of how PSP operates:


I am a huge fan of ambient lighting, a technique I learned to appreciate when I attended the workshops taught by world renowned portrait photographer Manny Librodo a couple of years back. I never looked back since. I also love the infinite variety that outdoor photography provides me and the fact that at the end of the day no two photos are the same. I can always pick a different background anytime and so my clients can be as versatile as they can be.  It’s truly amazing!


Since I am marketing myself as an on-location lifestyle photographer, it means that I don’t have a brick-and-mortar studio where clients traditionally go.  Needless to say, this is not a traditional photo ‘studio’ as the outdoors serve as my venue for taking photographs. I also  encourage my clients to suggest a place of their liking: their house, their neighborhood burger joint; their backyard, garden, a place where they can be comfortable and at ease; preferably some corner that will translate more meaning and memories into the photographs I capture. You will be surprised at how a particular place adds oomph to the subject’s personality.


My main goal in portraiture is to capture a unique perspective into someone’s inner being. I always try to encapsulate their individual interests into their final framed image.  For example, a painter may find herself beaming in front of her finished work or concentrating over an unfinished canvas; a bibliophile is portrayed savoring her favorite book, beverage of choice at hand; and an avid horticulturist exalts in the Zen like atmosphere of her lush garden. All of these are vital to establishing a connection, a rapport with my subject.

Post-session Expectations

High resolution images from your photo session will be sent to you in a CD. As I have repeatedly advocated, your memories are solely your own and I have no reason to keep them with me and in the process deprive you of your right to share them or print them in the size you want. My goal is to capture you at one particular moment in time, to freeze your individualism: your happiness, your troubles, your challenges, your state of mind,  into images that you would want to bring with you to the future. My goal is achieved when I turn over the images to you and I know that you will be as delighted with the images as I was delighted with how I captured you with my camera.

So there you have it. My photography soul bared before you. I hope you like what you see.


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