I Quit Facebook

fscebookBecause I actually can.

It took me half a year mulling over the consequences. I run an online business where I consistently post content and interact with customers. If I deactivate my account, I lose the business page, too. So I remedied it by getting another admin who can substitute for me. Problem solved. After nine years on the platform, I clicked the “Deactivate your Account” button.

The reasons I quit were a mix of different origins but one thing stood out. The social medium evolved to be something I didn’t quite expect. When I joined in 2009, it was the platform to reconnect with long- lost friends – friends from childhood to university days I have lost touch with. It became our preferred online space that replaced yahoogroups and well, Friendster & Multiply. The simplicity and egalitarian approach of the UI also attracted me to it.

As the years passed, my network grew but I have always been conscious of only adding those I’ve met in real life. In the old days, Facebook accountholders had real names, real jobs, real family members & friends. We also spoke and shared about our passions, hobbies, favorites and we interacted warmly, accordingly. In short, the data was accurate. Most of the time, anyway.

Facebook ceased to be those in recent years. Sure, there were quarrels, personal or business before, but it was not troll-farm targeted. It was not denigrating hate-laden, terrorizing, stomach-turning attacks. Facebook just turned ugly and its constant hand-washing was a major turn-off. When trolls are allowed to re-define society bearing fake news and victimizing the gullible all in the name of profit brought to Facebook, that was the line I was not about to cross. Sure, Facebook kept iterating and adding/taking out features regularly but it was simply not enough. When the troll farms are allowed to keep running and hateful messages and outright lies are allowed to proliferate, I reached the end of the line and decided  I would not allow myself to be a part of it.

Nevertheless, I still would like to believe that the company had the best intentions.   It’s just unfortunate to think they have no control over it, or so they claim.  So I’m moving on and moving forward.  Without Facebook.