Maternity Portrait I Sarah BA

I remember that rainy Sunday in December. We were scheduled to have the shoot at 4:00PM, the start of the Golden Hour but as the gloomy morning progressed to a pouring afternoon, I only prayed the overcast weather would do the portraits justice. Alas, not even that was possible as traffic was at standstill and my guests arrived way past the golden hour into the dark, drizzling night.  I was a bit jittery but managed to calm my nerves down as I told myself: The speedlight will save the day, or was it the night?

Then, the speed light, a Nikon SB-800, barely used as I have more faith in natural light, decided to conk out on me at the moment I needed it the most. My frustration started to show when flashes of inspiration came into view: outdoor christmas lights and a giant star lantern on display at the venue!

The moment I realized that all was not lost that night, the photoshoot proceeded like nothing happened.  It was as if the possibilities were handed down to me and so these images were fruits of that night’s labour.

Sarah’s hubby, who’s a good friend, jumped in to join the shoot and how blissful they look!Sarah, on the other hand, glowed at the height of waiting and excitement for her first born.As of press time, the baby in the tummy have been graciously welcomed into the world and I, who have been witness to a great love cannot wait to meet her.


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